The Beginning

Aloha! This is the first post, so let’s cover the basics:

Who am I?

I’m just an average guy. I’m in the US Air Force (and the views and opinions expressed here are my own and not to be misconstrued as representative of the Air Force) with a couple of kids but only one wife. I’m new to riding and love it, but when I’m not riding or working, I’m usually playing ukulele or guitar and trying to get my jazz chops up to a passable level.

What is this?

The best way to look at this blog is a travel diary. It’s not the most personal document in the world, but it’s also more personal than a travel guide. Facts and figures are sure to pop up, but it won’t be quite so cut-and-dry as most travel books. The goal is to include riding routes, pictures, stories or reviews of the places I go, and overall documentation of the adventures waiting out there.


Well, this is called the PLANET Grom, but that’s an aspirational title. Right now it’s more like The Hawaii Grom since that’s where I live (and it’s tough to go on a road trip to a different state here).

When will this site be updated?

Updates will come as they can – as the stories happen. I had a blog a while ago that had a thrice-weekly posting schedule and after a while I ran out of things to say or opinions I hadn’t shared yet and this was around the time that blogging became nothing more than a job (and it didn’t pay nearly well enough to be considered a GOOD job). Because of this, I’m in no rush to try and force posts out, but they’ll come as they happen and hopefully the quality will speak for itself.

Why is this a thing?

Do you know what I love (beyond asking questions and not expecting answers from readers)? I love travel stories. I tear up books told through the lens of someone experiencing something or motorcycle blogs documenting huge trips. That personal experience is what motivates me to ride more – to ride further. I want to experience more because I think I’m inside just a bit too much and I want my kids to see these adventures and hopefully be inspired themselves when they get old enough to ride. So I’m doing this for me.

That being said, if someone wants to tag along virtually and read my stories, I’m stoked to share. And if someone wants to vacation to Hawaii and re-tackle a route and see the same sights, that’s cool too – honestly, I couldn’t imagine a bigger compliment.

I hope you stick around and read some stories or subscribe through whatever means you want and I genuinely hope you enjoy it.

Take it easy!


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