Early Morning Ride Challenges


Sunday is usually a rough day for me since it always starts the same: I wake up way too early.

I think this is from years of conditioning, knowing that I need to be able to sleep Sunday night if I want any hope at all of being a functioning human on Monday. There were many weeks in high school and college that I learned this lesson the hard way, so I started to wake up earlier on Sundays to help guarantee earlier bed times that night.

But sometimes I wake up way too early.

That was the case this Sunday, when I opened my eyes for the day around 4:30am.

After scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, not really liking it but just killing time, I started to think about motorcycle challenges. I just downloaded Rever, a motorcycle app that tracks your rides and stats like average and max speed, distance, time, etc. There are challenges that pop up and I am probably never going to place in the top 10 while living on Oahu since they’re all location or milage-based.

Or, I should say, the only way I would ever place is if they made a challenge about hitting landmarks on Oahu. Then I might have a shot.

Anyway, some of my favorite bloggers are the ones that have done long distances on bikes that were definitely not meant for going long distances. They did it slowly, chipping away at the goal until it was accomplished and I’ve always liked this.  That’s how I approach these riding challenges.

It made me wonder what my longest ride had been and whether I could break that record before I had to be home to take my daughter to ninja class.

So I got up, drank coffee, and watched the sky slowly light up. I need the daylight since it’s less likely I’ll be pulled over for not having a license plate light in the daytime (I’ll get to it, I swear).

Once it was bright enough, I took off. I wasn’t looking to just get miles, but more to see how long I could hang out on the Ruckus and not get a sore back.  For funsies and science! 

I took usual routes and then branched off when I noticed a road that I had never been down. I explored and saw some stuff that I had never seen. I took my time going down these roads, excited to get home and mark up a map that I’ve been using to track all the places I’ve been on the Ruckus.

I found some rough roads I don’t plan on going again, some sketch roads that I thought I might not technically be allowed on, and some cool places for pictures. Overall, I had a great time just driving around, but eventually I had to go home.

When I pulled into the garage I had logged 2:07:24 and 39.4 miles. That’s a long time for a short distance, but I still had fun. I checked Rever and saw that I had moved up in my challenges, but it wasn’t as drastic as I had hoped. Currently I’m 145th in the odometer challenge of September, but the top 10 have insane numbers.

It was still worth it, though. I didn’t hurt at all, found out I could ride over two hours and be fine, I felt that kind of amazing that you feel after a good ride, and I enjoyed increasing my own stats.

While I’ll probably never place in a Rever challenge, I do enjoy taking part in them. I love riding, but the challenges create even more pull to get outside and see stuff, even if it’s just pushing your own limits.

So I thought maybe I’ll make my own challenges based on my own riding. If my current longest ride is about 2:08, can I ride 2:38 and, if so, will I be in any pain afterward? What about 3:08?  4:08?  If I rode 39.4 miles in 2:08, how many miles could I ride in the same time if I focused just on getting as many miles as possible while doing the speed limit in a small space?  Certainly more than this ride since I went down slow roads to see new stuff, stopping to take in the view at times, but how much more?

These are the questions that have me excited for the work week to be over so I can have fun breaking my own records and adding to my own challenges.

I’m stoked for the next long ride!


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