How To Fix Declining Motorcycle Sales

There have been a LOT of articles that’s come across my feeds about declining motorcycle sales, so I figured I would offer fixes for every position possible ranging from the legislative to little ol’ us.  
Check it out:
1) Less expensive parking
     Most of us take up so little space.  Just let us park in the dashed parking for free or half-price in…
2) Dedicated motorcycle parking
     Want to make parking more efficient for everyone?  Dedicating some spots to motorcycles only will free up more spaces for cars and inspire people to ride more.
3) Access to off-road trails on government land
     Why NOT let people ride through their own country?  Hire rangers for districts to make sure the land isn’t being abused and you would ALSO help eliminate some unemployment!
4) Legalize lane-splitting
     Want to help save an industry with a law?  How about inspiring some jealousy from the cagers who can’t move to the front of the line at lights?
1) More technology in bikes
     Even standard USB phone chargers would be cool.
2) More low-CC bikes for beginners
     Companies are acting like handsy teenagers too eager to get the main attraction.  Instead, they should offer multiple options for the natural progression of safely moving through CCs, finding the right one for them.
3) More ads in mainstream media
     Have you seen the motorcycle ads in motorcycle magazines?  That’s preaching to the choir.  Instead, there should be SIGNIFICANTLY more ads in primetime on mainstream shows.
4) Less lifestyle, more pragmatic ads
     Speaking of ads, how about making ads that explain WHY you should be interested in motorcycles?  High MPG, easier parking, easier commuting in town, etc.  The ethereal is all well and good, but you have to have reasons – real reasons – to get into motorcycling.
1) Offer the first complete service free
     Get the customer acquainted with your service department and friendly crew.  Most shops make money from the service department and giving the first experience for free would be a wise investment.
2) Offer classes on basic motorcycle maintenance
     It may seem counter-intuitive, but a customer would take this action as selfless and will be even more inspired to call you when things go wonky on their bike because they know you aren’t trying to rip them off.
3) Offer more group rides
     Why don’t stores offer more group rides?  Poker runs?  Even staying in the parking lot and doing gym khana?  Get the people to the store, offer coupons or door prizes and help get your supply sold!
4) Demo days
     I’ve read that some dealers straight-up refuse to offer test drives.  How is someone supposed to feel secure buying something as expensive as a motorcycle on word of mouth and cool pictures on the Internet?  Offer some demo days and get people on the bikes.  Differentiate not only between companies, but style (adventure bikes, sport bikes, cruisers, etc).
1) Ride to work as much as possible
     Let the folks around you see the motorcycle as a practical vehicle instead of a toy you only bring out on weekends when it’s nice outside.
2) Be patient and answer the dumb questions
     Everyone has dumb questions.  Answering these questions will inspire interest and confidence from a potential rider.
3) Lay out the safe, logical way to go from never riding to riding safely
     People like checklists.  It makes any task feel more attainable.
4) Ride with them and be a mentor
     Tell them what they’re doing wrong, ride with them until they’re comfortable and they’ll pass this on to the riders that they end up inspiring as well.  Try to be as supportive as you can with their decisions.

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