Missing Post

I’m sorry to say there won’t be a new video this Sunday.  I’ve been trying to make a consistent schedule recently with new scripted videos every other week (and, recently, a video just covering a large chunk of just riding through the streets of Oahu to fill in the weeks between).

The issue that I’ve run into isn’t a lack of ideas for the scripts, videos to run audio over, or even recorded video.  The issue is that I want to make the best videos that I can and the video that was supposed to be posted this week, covering sexism in motorcycling, needed an extra paragraph or two in the end to tie everything together.  I know sometimes I rant and go off on tangents and believe that it’s fine to do so, but you have to bring it all together in the end so it doesn’t sound like a mess.

And, unfortunately, that’s what this script felt like.  There were too many sub-topics and nothing pulling everything into a coherent piece at the end and, with a topic I care so much about, it was worth holding off on the release until I can get some time to record again.

I’ll get it, though, and I think it will be one of my best.

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