Here’s the deal:  I don’t especially like it when people are constantly pitching their wares at me.  If I didn’t want to buy merch the first time someone mentioned it, I definitely won’t want to buy it the 20th time you bring it up.

That being said, there are a lot of independent content creators that I like to support and buying merch is an easy way to show some love.

Because of this, I figured I would do two things to try to strike a balance:  I’ll post a link to  my RedBubble page where you can see all of my art and buy it on just about whatever you want….

And I’ll never mention this again in its own post.  When new designs come out, I’ll just tack them to the bottom of real posts to make them as unobtrusive as possible.  Check out the link and buy stuff if you like it or just want to show your support.  If you don’t find anything you like, no big deal.  Easy peasy.

Oh!  If you decide to buy a shirt with The Planet Grom logo, feel free to take a picture of you wearing it and email it to me for a project I’m considering.

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