Hawaiian Pineapples

Hawaii’s a great place to visit or live and there are things that are commonly associated with it.  But one of those things stands out more than others and it’s the pineapple.  But did you know that the pineapple isn’t native to Hawaii?  Or that Hawaii doesn’t even grow that many pineapples for the world today?

Oh, but it did at one point!  And you can still see the remnants today.  Check out my video to see more:

What is a Motorcycle Bell?

Motorcycle heritage intrigues me.  I wouldn’t say I’m the type who goes looking for heritage to adhere myself to, perhaps as a way of finding an identity in the values and habits of those before me, but I’m also not the type to eschew older stuff just because it’s old.

I would say I’m practical, if anything.  I like to do my research and come away either liking or disliking whatever it was based on whether or not I have any use for it personally.

But motorcycle bells?  They’re a little different, because they might not be for you at all.  Or, if they are, they may not be what they’re pitched as.  Check out my video and see what I mean: